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  • "Best IPA in LA!"
    -Hyang Sohn, MD –SVIPA PCP Since 2010
  • "Collaborating with colleagues and NPs –Homebound patients (program), very helpful and rewarding. Support from physician liaisons – AV’s and practice support with helping to promote practice with health plan representatives"
    -Adam Karns, MD -SVIPA PCP Since 2002
  • "They are responsive to the needs of patients and providers. They are vigilant about seeking ways to improve the organization"
    -Daniel Sanchez, MD -SVIPA PCP Since 2007
  • "Well Managed, efficient IPA. We get answers right away for authorizations and other questions. Staff is friendly and knowledgeable.I will highly recommend St. Vincent IPA!"
    -Gemelia Holgado-Aguilera, MD -SVIPA PCP Since 2002
  • "Constant help and assistance. Excellent communication."
    -Arkady Stern, MD -SVIPA PCP Since 2007
  • "Easier and faster treatment authorization request approvals."
    -Santos Uy, MD –SVIPA PCP Since 2002
  • "Caring physicians and caring providers working together to improve patient care and outcome."
    -Carol Richardson-Te, MD -SVIPA PCP Since 2006
  • "Excellent authorization process and referrals. Consistent and reliable bonuses."
    -Mingquan Bussarakum, MD –SVIPA PCP Since 2002
  • "I am a member (and have been) for many years. Great IPA. Staff is friendly and helpful."
    -Marina Gold, MD –SVIPA PCP Since 2002
  • "St. Vincent IPA patients tend to be more cooperative and compliant. Provider relations department personnel is extremely helpful. Referrals are not difficult to obtain. Ancillary services are convenient for patients."
    -Antuan Kiley, MD –SVIPA PCP Since 2002
  • "Great Staff – Helpful."
    -Reynaldo Zapata, MD –SVIPA PCP Since 2010
  • "St. Vincent IPA provides the best service for their authorizations. The staff is very professional."
    -Teresita E. Tan, MD –SVIPA PCP Since 2011
  • "Referral authorization is relatively simple."
    -Bruce Larson, MD –SVIPA PCP Since 2002
  • "Easy access to IPA by phone, PC, etc., fast referrals/authorizations, very helpful staff –great staff, and bonuses"
    -Elena Chetver, MD -SVIPA PCP Since 2006
  • "Very supportive staff."
    -Kenneth Kim, MD –SVIPA PCP Since 2012

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